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Raising Children With Autism: A Study on Parenting Styles and Techniques

The researcher knows someone who has a child with autism and saw the struggles in rearing the child and it caught his attention. In addressing the concern, this study was conducted to better understand and discover the techniques parents usually use and employ on their child with autism by using qualitative approach. The researcher used methodological triangulation in obtaining data. Cool and warm analyses revealed three (3) themes that pertain to parenting techniques Filipino mothers employ in raising their children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): reform parenting, progressive parenting, and warmth parenting. On the other hand, four (4) themes were discovered that pertain to the effect of the most aforementioned parenting technique to the child: autonomy, conscientiousness, improved sociability, and aggression. Hence, parents of children with autism employ various kinds of techniques in rearing their children. Reform parenting appeared to be the most significant to the mothers. Thus, the researchers concluded that this technique strongly helped mothers in raising and shaping the behavior of their children. It is recommended for the various sectors in the community to conduct further studies about the techniques employed not only in mild level but also in moderate and severe levels of autism. Keywords: Parenting Techniques, Children With Autism, And Mothers Of Children With ASD.