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ERP Decision Support System using Multi Objective Optimization– An Exploratory Study

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the main focus in this research, the actual performance criteria retrieved from different departments within ERP database for twelve product portfolios emphasised the need for a systematic approach for a Decision Support System (DSS). The proposed DSS helps the decision maker (DM) purchase the right products, in the right quantities and at minimal inventory carrying cost and at the same time meets the highest customer service by minimizing the probability of stock out instances. Multi-objective optimization of Profit-Service Level-Cash liquidity trade-off objectives supported the DM in finding the most preferred Pareto optimal solution and introduced a posteriori method in consonance with the generate-first-choose later approach in dealing with multi-objective optimization using Weighted Metric Method (Lp method) to find the Pareto Optimal set. Keywords- ERP, Decision Support System, Pareto Optimization, Multi-objective decision making, weighted metric method, Lingo, Product Mix multi objectives optimization.