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Exploring Preferences and Barriers in Learning with Tablet Computers by University Students

Most students nowadays have mobile technology devices including tablet computers and use them in their every day life. Whether students use the technology for learning or not is the question. The purpose of this study is to investigate students’ preferred ways as well as barriers to tablet computer use for learning in higher education. The study sample are consisted of 20 student interviewees and a further 343 students who answered open-ended questionnaires. Thematic analysis is used to analyse the data. The results indicated that the students’ preferred ways of using tablets for learning are to accomplish their academic tasks, for communication, and for online discussion. They use the tablet as a learning tool as well as to search online for information both inside and outside the classroom, and in ways that support their individual learning styles.The findings showed that the barriers to students’ tablet use for learning are sight worries, limited resources, limited support, boredom, distraction, the mobile device characteristics, discipline, experience, knowledge and personal preference. Keywords- Higher Education, Mobile Learning (M-Learning), Tablet Computers