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Aligning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards Sustainable Development (SD) – An Indian Perspective

With the rapid growth of civilization and acute need of development in all sphere of life, the depletion of natural resources, pressure on environment and increased inequality among society call an urgent, serious and focused introspection and action plan for implementation towards sustainable development. Though in the recent past, the agile society started taking note of the imbalances and introduced corrections by way of voluntary and legal restraints. In Indian context due to large population, poverty, illiteracy, lack of health and primary education avenues, government alone meet the challenges. It is there the Indian Corporate can play significant role in supporting social and environmental causes in form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR by Corporate should aim at Sustainable development(SD). CSR and SD are to be seen complimentary. In Indian economy with heavy population pressure, the sustainable development is a big challenge. This papers aims to bring out need of aligning CSR with SD and spell out strategies for CSR implementation towards SD. Keywords - Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development