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A Study of Leadership Effectiveness of SSC and CBSE Board Schools in South Mumbai

According to social psychologists, leadership evolves from a dynamic and interacting group that is held together by loyal ties to an individual, and is concerned with the goals of the group. Thus a leader may be anyone who is organized by individuals or by the group as an available source of help.In institutions the subordinates and the managers are two important parts and there should be proper interaction and coordination for better relationship between these two people. It was observed lot of time that there are conflicts between these two people which is normally very harmful for the performance of the organization, therefore the aim of this paper is to find out the reasons of conflicts and measures how it can be resolved. Moreover in South Mumbai, conflict among teachers and Principal of the institution was observed which affects the performance and attitude of the students as well as the teachers. Hence, this paper aims to find out the core reasons for these types of conflicts among teachers and Principal Keywords- Leadership Effectiveness, SSC and CBSE Schools.