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Constructivism: A Learner Centered Approach that Improves Students’ Academic Performance and Achievement in Social Science at Upper Primary Level

Elementary years play a paramount role in the life of an individual, as whatever a child learns during these years decides the path of his/her future. Learning at elementary level should be in such a way that fosters adequate values and beliefs in our future nation builders. In this regard, constructivism is such a theory that focuses on learner centered approach. At upper primary level, Social Science plays a significant role in curriculum as it consists of a broad and conglomerate instructional area. Learning in a Social Science classroom should be effective and interesting as it contains in itself various social sciences that students need to know and comprehend at upper primary level.Therefore, the present study focuses on learning of this particular subject at upper primary level and use of constructivist theory that makes learning learner centered which in turn improves their academic performance and achievement. Keywords - Social Science, Education, Learning, Learner-centered, Upper primary, Knowledge, Constructivism