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Measuring Retail Service Quality of Hypermarkets: A Descriptive Study of Delhi / NCR

Indian retail industry is booming these days. So many Indian and foreign companies are showing interest in Indian Retail. This is benefiting Indian retailers, foreign retailers and consumers as well. This is a win-win situation. But still Indian retail industry is not still developed to avail the opportunities. There are so many problems and challenges faced by the consumer’s retail outlets. Big giants like Bharti, Reliance, Future Group, Tata, Birla have entered in to retail industry. Indian retail industry accounts for 14- 15 percent of Indian GDP. If retail industry will not grow adequately, will definitely hamper Indian Economy. Online marketer like,, etc. Are also entering in to market. The objective of the study is to develop a scale for the measurement of Service quality of hypermarkets. A research is conducted to identify the key factors influencing the customers' perception about the retail service quality of retail outlets of Delhi/NCR. Study was conducted with a sample size of 317 customers of hypermarkets in Delhi/NCR. Principal Component analysis with Varimax rotation was employed on 29 items. The retail service quality variables were grouped in 6 factors: Convenience, Promise and Doing Things Right, Personal Interaction, Policy, Problem Solving, Physical appearance. The instrument was found valid and reliable.