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Tourist Destination Risk Perception: The Case of Gaziantep Province in Turkey

In the research conducted to determine the risk perceptions of the domestic tourists and to understand their travel attitudes related to Gaziantep destination, 302 people were reached through a convenience sampling; some results were obtained by applying various analyzes to the obtained data. It was set forth that the data showed appropriate and normal distribution for factor analysis, and that it was loaded on 8 factors. It has been determined that the questionnaires loaded on the factor are highly reliable and averages of variables loaded in 8 factors were taken and correlation analysis was performed. In this context, positive and significant relations were found about risk perceptions in general terms. Besides, it was determined that the majority of the participants came from the developed regions such as Marmara, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean and visited Gaziantep city, they didn’t have any concerns about the issues which may cause a negativity like terrorism, security and food hygiene etc. and they will visit Gaziantep city again. Keywords: Risk Perception, Risk In Tourism, Perception Of Destination, Gaziantep