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Strategy of Economic Development of Kazakhstan 2050

The main goal of the republic is to create by 2050 a society of prosperity based on a strong state, a developed economy and opportunities for universal labor. To ensure conditions for accelerated economic growth, a strong state is needed, such a state that does not pursue a policy of survival, but a policy of planning, long-term development and economic growth.Economic policy of the state must take into account changes in the country's economy. The article examines the directions of economic policy at a new stage in the development of Kazakhstan.The purpose of this study is to analyze Kazakhstan's economic development strategy until 2050. Objectives: to reveal general provisions of the economy of Kazakhstan, to consider the strategy of economic development of Kazakhstan until 2050. This paper defines the strategy of economic development of Kazakhstan till 2050.The strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" is a logical continuation of the first longterm strategy at a new stage in the development of our country. The tasks of improving the quality of life of the people of Kazakhstan, the professionalization of the state apparatus, increasing competitiveness and diversification of the national economy remain urgent and require the search for new approaches to their solution in conditions of global instability and the exhaustion of the natural resource potential. All this also determined the development of a new strategic document - "Kazakhstan - 2050". Keywords - The strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050", economic development, economic growth, competitiveness.