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Relationship Between Family Socio-Economic and Student Achievement in Moral Education Among Secondary School Students

This study was undertaken to identify the relationship between a family’s socio-economic status and students achievement in moral education among secondary school students. The difference between gender in achievement of moral education and the relationship between socio-economic variables such as the level of parents education and total family income with achievement in moral education are shown in this study. A total of 240 form four students from seven schools in the district of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, were selected randomly as respondents. The instrument used to establish the family background for this study have been adapted and modified from a questionnaire by Mohd Rasid, 2004. This questionnaire has been prepared to evaluate the mean scores of family background variables. Researchers using Pearson correlation analysis and t-test to analyze the data that had been collected. The findings demonstrate a significant relationship between family socio-economic in terms of the level of education of the mother with the achievement of moral education and the significant difference between the gender in the achievement of moral education. While the relationship is not significant with the level of the father’s education and the total family income with achievement of moral education among students. T-test results indicate that there is a difference in the achievement of excellent grades between male students with female students in this study. Index Terms- family Background , family socio-economic, Students Moral Achievement