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Westernization in Japan: America’s Arrival

As America arrived with westernization during late Edo period also known as Bakumatsu period, Japan unwelcomed it. The arrival of America in Japan had initiated the ‘wind of change’ to new era towards Japan culture albeit its contribution to Japan proffers other values at all cost. The study aims to emphasize the importance of history in globalization era by learning Japan's process in accepting western culture. By learning historical occurrences, cultural conflicts can be avoided or minimized in global setting. The importance of awareness has accentuated an understanding of forbearance in cultural diversity perspectives and the significance of diplomatic relation for peace. Systematic literature review is applied as the method to analyze the advent of America, forming of treaty, Sakoku Policy, Diplomatic relationship, and Jesuit- Franciscans conflict. The treaty formed between Japan and America served as the bridge for Japan to enter westernization. Keywords- Westernization, Japan, America, Sakoku Policy, Jesuit-Franciscans Conflict, Treaty, Culture, Edo Period.