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Knowledge Management Systems and Competitive Advantage

This paper discusses the relationship between knowledge management, knowledge management systems and competitive advantage for the Information Communication and Technology segment in South Africa. Particular focus was given to start-ups within established corporates and how the corporate could function as a business incubator for the start-up and leverage Knowledge Management Systems to enable the start up to gain competitive advantage. A specific corporate was chosen and a qualitative method was used with surveys and interviews conducted across the relevant areas of the organisation to elicit and analyse performance metrics before and after the implementation of Knowledge Management Systems. The results of the research showed that there is a correlation between Knowledge Management Systems and competitive advantage and that established businesses can utilize a Knowledge Management framework to act as an incubator for the start-up and facilitate its capability to gain competitive advantage. Keywords- Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Systems; Competitive Advantage; South Africa; Qualitative Research; Start-Up; Business Incubator.