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Bancassurance: The Booster for the Insurance Development in Algeria Case of Algerian Insurance Company

Bancassurance commonly means selling insurance products under the same roof of a bank. Little has been studied of this phenomenon in emerging markets like the Algerian one. but now she receive much attention from both Algerian Insurers and banks, as it is a major step towards the creation of universal financial markets in the 21st century. This study is the first comprehensive study to identify and measure how could the bancassurance help to develop the Algerian insurance sector and eliminate his week points. The research has found after a process of statistical analysis through data processing program computer statistical spss to the attention of the Algerian Insurance companies mentioned that the bancassurance is considered one of the most important strategy that help to boost the development of the Algerian insurance sector. Keywords- Insurance, Bank, Strategy, Emerging Markets, Bancassurance, Algerian Insurance. JEL Classification Codes: G220, E500