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Apply Thinking Map for Safe Life Skill Workshops Practice

The purpose of this study is to determine the application of thinking maps for practice of safety rules in life skills workshops. The study conducted in the scope of finding the difference between conventional group and the treatment group to the knowledge of salvation rules and the extent of compliance with practice rules can be seen in this research. Samples were taken about 40 respondents from form two students at Northeast school, Penang. Pre-test and post-test instrument was used to determine the level of knowledge respondents and questionnaires were used to evaluate the effectiveness of thinking maps. Reseacher use t test to analyse the collected dаtа and proves the significant between the control group and the treatment group to the level of knowledge and there were no significant differences in the level of compliance of respondents to practice the safety regulations. The result recommend the researcher to provide motivation and training to the students so that the students will improve their safety rules in life skills workshop. Keywords- Thinking Map, Level Of Knowledge