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Application of the Lean Manufacturing System for the Solution of Production Planning Problems: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey

The automotive sector is an indicator sector that sheds light on the economies of the countries. As in every sector, the trend in this sector is to respond quickly to customer demand and to offer high quality, low priced products. Being a company on a global scale, it is the goal of all managers to remove was ted resources and achieve an effective workflow. This is exactly what the "Lean Production" philosophy tries to achieve. Lean production can examine the work do nein threegroups: the necessary, the unnecessary, and the obligatory ones. In this sense, it is necessary to determine unnecessary job sand remove them from the processes. In this study, in the company Toyota O to motiv Sanayi Türkiye A.Ş., the improvement activities carried out by adhering to the lean production techniques in a selected production cell was explained. Within this scope, it is aimed to set the standards of the production cell specified in the automotive factory and to ensure that operators can operate in accordance with these standards.In theprocess,detailed business analysis has been done and the characteristics of the flexible work for celine have been determined to increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary jobs from the process and toen sure that the process works with full efficiency. These seemingly simple improvements on this side have increased efficiency,eliminating situations that could cause ergono micproblems for working operators and reducing the cost per person. Index Terms - Kaizen, Just in Time Production, Lean Manufacturing Techniques