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Inefficiencies of Organizing Own Work by Contemporary Managers in the Light of Own Research

The paper presents the issue concerning organizing own work by managers. The conducted analyses comprise three basic areas: typical inefficiencies in organizing own work by managers, basic causes of unreasonable mangers own work organization and useful principles of proper time management. The basic goal of the paper was to search for an answer to the question: has the change of the organization functioning realities within last few decades been reflected in the change of basic inefficiencies characterizing the work of managers in the scope of own work organization as well as the reason of their occurrence? It has been indicated, that despite the change of organizations functioning realities within the last few decades, inefficiencies of managerial work in the scope of own work have not significantly changed. On the basis of the analysis of research results conducted by various scientists and own research the Author has determined main tendencies concerning inefficiencies at work and organizing managerial actions as well as reasons of their occurrence. Keywords - Management, Work organization, Own work, Manager, Inefficiency.