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Challenges Faced by Indian Organized Retail Outlets: A Descriptive Study of Delhi / NCR

Indian retail industry is one of the pillars of Indian economy and accounts for 14 to 15 percent of GDP and 15 percent of employment. Indian retail is growing at fastest speed as compared to other countries with more than 2.25 billion people. Indian retail luxury market is the 12th largest in the world. So many Indian and foreign companies are showing interest in Indian Retail. Over 6000 shopping malls operating and over 800 malls are under construction in India. This is benefiting Indian retailers , foreign retailers and consumers as well. But still Indian retail industry is not developed to avail the available opportunities. There are so many challenges faced by the retail outlets. Major portion of Indian retail industry is driven by big giants like Bharti, Reliance, Future Group, Tata, Birla etc. The study will include understanding the major and minor challenges faced by the retailers like competition, less skilled human resource, government policies , tax, kiryana stores etc. A research is conducted to investigate the major and minor challenges faced by the retail outlets.A structured questionnaire with 16 questions was used to collect the primary data from 30 managers of Delhi/NCR to know their perception about different challenges faced by Indian retail outlets.