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The Research on The Legible Factors of Led Display on Public Bus

In this study, light-emitting diode (LED) designs were improved to enhance the legibility of LED displays on public buses. This study first referenced current visual designs used to develop bus LED displays and subsequently devised the following independent variables, which were Arabic numeral colors (i.e., red, yellow, and green), fonts (i.e., Times New Roman, Arial, and New Johnston Medium), and information display locations (i.e., left and middle). The assessment criteria were longest visual range and glare distance, which were evaluated using descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis of variance. The results showed significant differences in longest visual range between different colors, fonts, and information display locations. By contrast, no significant differences were observed in glare distance between the three variables. New Johnston Medium in yellow and before a black background yielded the optimal information display results. For glare distance, significant differences were observed in glare distance only between different information display locations, in which information displayed at the center produced superior results. The results of this study may serve as a reference when designing LED displays on public buses in the future. Keywords- LED, visual range, glare distance, information display location