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Determination of Appropriate Sustainability Performance Indicators for SMEs

The share of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in businesses world is over 96% in the World and 99.77% in Turkey. Since the role of SMEs has crucial significance for a country’s economy, the sustainability of businesses is gaining more importance day by day in todays’ business world. Especially considering the short life span of SMEs, ensuring sustainability in SMEs is an important issue to be solved. Another issue for SMEs is preparing sustainability reports in accordance with increasing stakeholder demands. SMEs have to prepare sustainability reports in order to keep up with competitors. The objective of this study is to develop a scale for the determination of appropriate sustainability performance indicators for SMEs through a questionnaire conducted SMEs in Turkey. The number of SMEs in Turkey is 137,950 and the questionnaire was conducted 398 of these SMEs. Data were tested by using Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. It is found that respectively economic, social and environmental performance indicators can be reported by SMEs since they are already preparing financial reports. Keywords - Sustainability, Sustainability in SMEs, Sustainability Reports, Turkey.