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Quality Teaching Beginning Preschool Teachers: From Skills into Practice.

This paper discusses the finding of a study which aimed to explore the Beginning Preschool Teachers (BPT) teaching skills concerning preparation of lesson plan and implementation of the lesson. Data were collected through interviews, observations, and document analysis. The data were analyzed by means of qualitative approach to produce the appropriate theme of the BPT teaching skills. The finding shows that BPT teaching skills in preparing lesson plan can be categories into three: i) effective time management, ii) appropriate selection of activities, and iii) planning based on the curriculum provided. The BPT teaching skills identified in implementing lesson are: i) skills in using the thematic approach, and 2) skills in conducting learning through play. In conclusion, the overall teaching skills of BPT in preparing lesson plan and implementing lesson are of good standard. In other words, BPT are able and efficient in preparing and implementing lesson through effective time management, appropriate selection of activities, planning based on NSPC, employ thematic approch and conduct learning through play. The findings are expected to assist other researchers to further conduct in-depth study to identify effective teaching skills, and provide information. And the other hand, the finding will give the guidance for BPT to plan and manage lesson effectively according to children’s need, ability and progress. Keywords- Pedagogical Skills, Beginning Preschool Teacher, Lesson Plan, And Implementation Of Lesson.