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Functionality and Attributes of Decentalized Systems to Manage Prosumer Energy in The Micro- Smart Grid Structures

In the present paper, the cognitive focus concerns the synthetic taxonomy of prosumer energy and multilayer structure of Smart Grid. The Authors, on the basis of logical and functional structure analysis of selected Micro- Smart Grid, as well as created in laboratory conditions environment of virtual integration of prosumer micro-installations with energy receivers, distinguish four basic layers of these networks: Prosumer Technology, Operational Technology, Smart Metering, Decentralized Systems of Prosumer Energy Management (DSPEM). They have indicated in the paper the processes of creation and growth of heterogeneous electricity values in prosumer RES installations, implemented in Micro- Smart Grid networks. They have also justified a positive feedback between the processes of energy value creation (the bottom up approach) and management functions (the top down approach) assigned to particular layers of Micro- Smart Grid. With reference to the adopted research assumption, that cumulation of electricity value created in Micro- Smart Grid networks occurs in the fourth layer of DSPEM, the Authors attempt to aggregate attributes of these systems in the following dimensions: technological, economic, environmental and social ones. Index terms: Prosumer Energy, Micro- Smart Grid, Decentralized Systems of Prosumer Energy Management, Electricity Value in RES Micro-installations.