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Determinants of Banking Habits of People in Rural and Urban Areas in Junagadh

When Financial Inclusion is one of the main agenda of the Government and our Prime Minister announces Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojana, which envisions including even the poorest citizen of India towards access to financial services and products, this study focuses on analyzing the banking habits of the people residing in Junagadh of Saurashtra region. Banking habits includes analyzing the respondents’ frequency of bank branch visits, nature of accounts and transactions carried out by them, etc. This study analyses the data collected from 125 respondents residing in Jungadh city while other 125 respondents were residing in the villages in Junagadh district, with the help of Independent Sample T test and Garrett Ranking Technique showing significant results for the respondents in terms of good practice of banking activities as well as various challenges faced by them while availing banking services. Keywords - Banking Habits, Financial Inclusion, Rural Banking, Urban Banking