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Research on the Correlation of Teacher’s Instructional Strategy and PCK in Mobile Learning

This research aims to explore the correlation among Teacher’s perceptions, mobile learning Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), and Knowledge in Instructional strategy. With my subjects being teachers who promote mobile learning and are currently teaching at the partner schools with the Ministry of Education in 2015. Using stratified random sampling, researchers picked out 9 senior high-schools in Republic of China to conduct questionnaire survey. Distributing a total of 500 questionnaires and 424 of all recovered questionnaires are valid.There are eight items on the questionnaire concerning the teacher’s background. After data collection and compaction, researchers used statistical software to conduct statistical analysis including frequency distribution, percentage, average number, standard deviation, and one-way analysis of variance. According to the aim of the research, this research concluded as the following: 1. Senior high school teaching staff possess high-intermediate level of mobile instructional strategy and PCK. 2. Teaching staff with 11-20 experience possess higher mobile learning instructional strategy and Strategic Knowledge. 3. Senior staff with mobile teaching experience, teaching staff with licenses or teaching staff without experience in leading teams in professional competitions possess higher mobile learning PCK 4. Senior high school teachers showed low positive correlation between knowledge in mobile learning instructional strategy and mobile learning PCK. Index Terms - Teacher’s perception, Instructional strategies in mobile learning, learning outcome, Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK).