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The Pilot Study on The Legibility Factors of Led Display on Public Bus

The purpose of this study is to summarize the existing visual design specifications of the legibility of front LED display on the bus, and then find out the design elements of visual recognition. The Arabic numerals on the bus front LED display show the route number of the bus, and the researches of visual design elements on visual recognition indicate that the key visual design elements are 1.Colors - the three colors are red(R255, G0, B0), yellow(R238, G232, B56)and green (R0, G255, B0), 2. Fonts(Times New Roman, Arial and New Johnston Medium), and 3. Display locations (middle, left). The results of this study provide valuable basics for the further analysis on key elements affecting visual recognition of front LED display on the bus and for the design references to increase level of visual recognition. Keywords- LED, color, fonts, Legibility