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Attraction Factors of Local Tourist Visiting Lawang Park of West Sumatra Indonesia

The attraction factors to the tourist of visiting the Lawang Park of West Sumatra Indonesia are determined in this paper. Local tourist is the respondents of this study. The park attracts huge numbers of local visitors in public holidays. Purposive sample method was used to collect primary data where 100 questionnaires were distributed among respondents. The obtained data was analyzed through descriptive Analysis Technique and The Factor-Analysis model. The study findings indicated that nice view, unique destination, friendly, peaceful and cleaning are the top attraction influencing factors among visitors of Lawang Park. Beside religious freedom, availability of worshiping area; proper guidance to the visitors, cheap souvenirs and easy access to the public transportation are the concerning factors to the growing tourist to the Lawang park. The study findings indicated that visitors are well satisfied over the management and community. Keywords- Attraction Factors, Lawang PARK Visitors