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Overview on Assessment of Voltage Stability Indices for the Prediction of Voltage Stability Problem in a Distributed Generation

Voltage stability assessment plays a vital role in power system networks for stability monitoring. Various voltage stability indices (VSIs) have been implemented and used for voltage stability assessment. These indices are applied for both transmission as well as distribution network to determine the weak bus or line and a point of voltage instability. This paper focuses on an overview of different voltage stability indices applicable to distribution network with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Also a comparative study is done based on different factors like critical value, number of parameters and assumptions etc., The outcome of this study might be very useful to choose appropriate VSI and also determine the voltage instability problem in the distribution network. Moreover, this study helps to trigger appropriate compensation to avoid such an unwanted problem in the network. Keywords - Voltage Stability Indices (VSI), Voltage Stability, Voltage Instability, Distribution Network, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)