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Strategic Alliance Complexities and Alliance Behavior of Small and Medium Enterprises in Lagos State, Nigeria

This paper explored issues of strategic alliance complexities and related alliance behavior of SMEs when entering into alliances among themselves. The study attempted to address a specific gap in research in terms of alliance complexities and alliance behavior of SMEs towards alliance formation. Conceptual and theoretical framework developed on critical issues of alliance complexities ranging through partners’ trust, risk, cost, benefit and alliance objective as determinants for appropriate alliance behavior and formation. Empirical study was conducted using survey method to examine the alliance behaviour of 612 samples of SMEs executives in Ikeja business district vis-à-vis associated complex issues of alliance partners’ assessment in terms of trust, risk, cost, benefit and objective prior to alliance engagement in Lagos state, Nigeria. The collected data were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. Results showed high level of correlation between alliance complexities and alliance behavior, which implies that in order to increase better alliance engagement and rate of SMEs alliance formation detail attention is critical on assessing issues of alliance complexities, specifically in developing economies such as Nigeria. Keywords - Strategic Alliance, SMEs, Alliance Complexities, Alliance Trust, Alliance Objective, Alliance Behavior