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A GPS Data Collection Device to Measure the Moral Values in Society

Investigating and studying the individual moral values is an important issue in order to determine the cultural behavior and understanding societies, their progress and development. In this paper, we present the result of data collected in different areas in Saudi Arabia. The paper shows the engineering aspect of a tool that we designed particularly for the purpose of data collection using GPS. The actual implementation of the tool went through different software engineering stages including analysis and design till the implementation of the system. The tool was built to work as a smartphone application and it was distributed among more than 150 users in Saudi Arabia. The objective was to monitor cultural behavior and study 6 specific moral values. These values are: 1. honesty, 2. respect traffic systems without having cameras installed 3. market rights 4. prayers 5. providing food as charity, and 6. honoring parents. The experiment went extremely well, and the result opened a new horizon in the field of GPS data collection in relation to behavior. Once the data was collected, the tool was also able to visualize the result, helping anyone to understand the distribution of those 6 individual moral values on the map. The result was projected on the map in a self-explanatory colored map. Index Terms - Moral values, GPS measurement, Data collection, Data visualization, Smartphone apps, individual behavior, cultural behavior.