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Using DEA Models to Evaluate Performance of Fisheries Companies in Vietnam

In Vietnam, fisheries sector plays an important role in the economic development. According to the report of the General Fisheries Department, the total output of fishery production in 2016 reached over 6.7 million tons [1]. However, in recent years, many causes have impacted on the competitive pressure on fisheries enterprises in terms of production, quality and production cost. This competition has influenced on Vietnamese fisheries enterprises that have had difficulties in maintaining and increasing their market share. Therefore, managers need to find out solutions and take actions to increase labor productivity, remove difficulties, and improve competitiveness. Based on the data of the leading fisheries enterprises in Vietnam, we use the DEA (data development analysis) model to evaluate the performance of these companies in the period of 2013 - 2016. Consequently, we could find a suitable solution to improve the business efficiency for fisheries enterprises in the future. Keywords - Data envelopment analysis, Fisheries, Performance, Seafood.