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Exporing the Success Factors of Small Business Women Entrepreneurs in Central Region of Sarawak

The right personality, environment, financial support, business commitment and cultural influence are said to be some of the factors in creating successful entrepreneurs. Therefore, the present study aimed to present the factors or variables that led to the success of women entrepreneurs’ in the Central Region of Sarawak. This study was conducted on entrepreneurs who received micro credit assistance from AIM (Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia). The questionnaire is used as a data collection method that involves a total of 111 women entrepreneurs in the central region of Sarawak. Data collected were analysed using SPSS version 2.0.The analysis revealed that the above factors (the environment, financial support, business commitment and culture) are some of the main factors or variables that influence business success of women entrepreneur in that region. In this regard, it is hoped that the findings of this study can help the parties concerned in the design and implementation of the agenda to stimulate the performance of entrepreneurs to a much higher level. Index Terms- business commitment, culture, environment, micro finance, success factors