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Impact of Glass Ceiling on the Job Satisfaction of The Female Teachers in The Public Universities of Pakistan

The present research study is dealing in detail about the Glass Ceiling and how does it affect women status in society. During this research i would be going through some articles and also surveys which would deal with glass ceiling and its implications. The research will be dealing with the solutions for the Glass Ceiling that exists in the Educational organizations of Pakistan We have explored the glass ceiling effect in higher education in Pakistan with reference to the lived experience of the first author, an early career academic, and we have traced its origins to the enculturation of boys and girls whose gender identities and social roles are shaped by the traditions of family life. The next step was to investigate the extent to which the glass ceiling effect is experienced by other female academics working in higher education institutions in Pakistan. From the interpretive research paradigm, which focuses on understanding lived experience, the methods of autoethnography enabled to examine and portray the culturally situated self of the first author, thereby generating unique insights into the cultural norms shaping her lived experience as a cultural insider of Pakistan. The critical auto-ethnographic methodology of this research combines research methods from the interpretive and critical research paradigms. For this review our basic auto-ethnographic approach was intended to empower us to investigate the accompanying inquiries.