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The Factors Effecting Volunteerism for Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The National Economic Development Plan No. 4 until The National Economic Development Plan No. 10Concepts of capital, natural resources and environment. Focus on the benefits of development and conservation. Drive to strengthening process that is complementary to economic capital, social capital and natural resources to distribute benefits to different sectors at all levels. From individual, community, society and nation. By altering the production structure there is a conflict that destroys nature resources and the environment come to a consistent production linked to the resource base, wisdom, way of life and true potential of society and nation. This will lead to the foundation Sustainable development in the end. Present organizations pay more attention to social responsibility .Because it can make the organization a good image to society. One of the issues of social responsibility is the volunteerism. Organization will get people to work start paying attention to volunteerism in the activities that the person has practiced through to be part of the consideration. They are university students who graduate to work. For this reason the researcher sees the importance of volunteerism for students of SuanSunandhaRajabhat University. To be able to find a way to develop and help cultivate volunteerism for students and produce graduates to suit the needs of the society. Keywords- Motivation of Volunteer, Corporate Volunteer. Motivation