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Training Of Multiple Disabilities’ Professional Helper through Horticultural Therapy Group Activities– A Mock Study

The current research aims to apply horticultural group-activity work style on professional helpers of multiple disabilities, who own different professional backgrounds. It is discussed how these helpers react to the horticulture group activities. The helpers’ various backgrounds, such as self-awareness of horticultural competence, skills, and interests are the independent variables. These helpers’ reactions toward the clients, their expectations, and sociological function are the dependent variables.Eight participants were professional helpers chosen randomly from Nantou Education and Nursing Institution. Eight multiple disabilities professional helpers were randomly assigned to the experimental group and the control group, four in each group respectively. The findings show that horticultural therapy application yielded no significant differences between the two groups. However, the experimental group performed better comparing to the control group in self-efficiency, relaxation, and self-cognition. Keywords- Horticultural Therapy, Group, Multiple Disabilities, Training