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Learning Outcomes Evaluation of Technos Functions Subject in the Police Academy Education Institutes Command

Education at the Police Academy Education Institutes Command (Lemdik Akpol) includes three series of activities: learning, training and nurturing. To know the success of education in Lemdik Akpol it can not be separated from evaluation and validation. Evaluation which is done to learners one of them is to know how much competence has been achieved. To implement the evaluation an evaluation guide is developed. Quality of administration results and learning evaluation process in Lemdik Akpol has not been running optimally. The administrative problems among them are the existence of educators (Gadik) who do not make the lattice problem, the psychomotor and affective values that have not been represented in the theoretical value. To answer the two problems above the research was done by using descriptive research approach. The research variables used in this study were the knowledge of the Educators on evaluation and its implementation. This study used primary data and secondary data to obtain data. Primary data were obtained from questionnaires, interviews and observations of the research subjects. Secondary data is obtained from written sources through documentation studies related to evaluation at Lemdik Akpol. Data analysis techniques used in this study were conducted descriptively both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of this study indicate that the components of the evaluation that includes the type of evaluation, evaluation principles, evaluation aspects, evaluation tools and assessment system of Educators on the evaluation in average is quite good and correct. Keywords- Evaluation of learning, Educators, Educators’ knowledge on the evaluation of learning outcomes, the implementation of learning outcomes evaluation.