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Knowledge Management Situation and its Role Among Companies Superior

This study aimed to investigate the association between use of knowledge management and its tools with the competitive position of the business is conducted. The methodology of research is survey and applied. Attitude to knowledge management, knowledge management challenges of knowledge management in companies and actions and tools axes forming the assessment of knowledge management. This research project by four hypotheses has been examined. The population of this research includes companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange Iran is among the top 50 companies. The data is collected through a questionnaire. The results showed that despite the recognition of the importance and necessity of knowledge management by the nation's top companies, implementation of targeted and integrated knowledge management programs have been successful and these companies in terms of knowledge management infrastructure, only to face the challenges of technology. The results indicate that the use of knowledge management tools have a direct relationship with the company's competitive position, and implementing the right tools can enhance the competitive position of businesses to have more than before. Keywords - Knowledge Management- Companies Superior- Knowledge Management Tools