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Admission Factors Associated with the Academic And Licensure Examination for Teachers Performances of the Graduates from Mindanao State University-Maigo School of Arts and Trades

This study attempted to measure the degree of association between the high school grade-point average (GPA) and the Mindanao State University System Admission and Scholarship Examination (MSU SASE) score as admission factors, and the academic and Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) performances of the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) major in General Education graduates from Mindanao State University - Maigo School of Arts and Trades (MSU-MSAT). It was undertaken to deal with the issue on the significance of the above admission factors to the graduates’ academic and LET ratings in terms of general education and professional education, and the respective cumulative GPA and final rating. The study used descriptive-correlational method. Documentary analysis was the main tool employed in gathering data. Pearson Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation (rxy) and t distribution (t) were utilized as statistical tools in the analysis and interpretation of data. The findings revealed that the graduates have only average academic performance in high school and barely pass the MSU SASE. They likewise have average academic performance in college and pass the LET with a satisfactory rating. High school GPA and MSU SASE score have substantial bearing with academic performance in terms of general education, professional education and cumulative GPA. The relationship of these factors to LET performance is likewise substantial but only in professional education and final rating, not in general education. Generally, the results point out that the admission factors are good correlates of the graduates’ academic and LET performances. However, these factors should still be revisited with the end-in-view of increasing their impact much more to the LET’s general education component, and of recruiting more qualified and promising students who shall be effectively trained through an objectively implemented and monitored curriculum to ensure quality and LET-ready graduates. Keywords- Admission Factors, Academic and Licensure Examination for Teachers Performances