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A Case Study on The End-to-End Process of Successful Data Analytics: The New South Wales Data Analytics Centre

The New South Wales Data Analytics Centre (NSW DAC) was established by the NSW government in Australia in response to the rapidly changing means by which society interacts with data, and the multitude of new possibilities for its retrieval and use. A world first, the DAC uses a combination of complex data analytics and science to solve ‘wicked problems’: those which have no single solution, and are driven by the needs of multiple stakeholders. State-wide benefit is facilitated through the tackling of these problems using a unique model for innovation, engaging with and executing high impact, big data projects. This paper explores the agile business process that has been utilised by the DAC in order to optimise use of resources whilst ensuring that focus remains with stakeholder engagement and flexibility in informed decision-making. Insight will be gained through an understanding of government processes in a new and growing field. Ultimately, the whole process of data innovation is aimed at solving the challenges that society and citizens may face, and that data and innovation has the potential to solve. Keywords- Data analytics, data innovation, big data, business processes, wicked problems, agile.