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Tribal Religion of Lower Assam of North East India

Religion is very sensitive issue and naturally concerned with the sentiment. It is a matter of faith and made neither through logical explanation nor scientific verification. That Religion from its original point of view was emerged as the basic needs and tools of livelihood. Hence it was the creation of human being feeling wonderful happenings bosom of nature at the early stage of origin of religion. It is not exaggeration that tribal people are the primitive bearer of religious belief. However religion for them was not academically explored rather it was regarded as the matter of reverence and submission. If we regard religion from the original point of view the religion then is not discussed under the caprice of ill design.. To think about God, usually provides no scientific value as it is not a matter of verification and material pleasant. Although to think about God or pray to God is also not worthless. Pessimistic and atheistic ideology though not harmful to human society yet the reverence and faith towards God also minimize the inter religious hazards and conflict. It may help to strengthen spirituality and communicability with others. Spiritualism renders a social responsibility in true sense which helps to understand others from inner order of heart. We attempt to discuss some tribal religious festivals along with its special characteristics. Tribal religion though apart from the general characteristic feature it ushers natural gesture and caries tolerance among them. Index Terms - Bah, Baikhow, Baikhokshi, Bastu, Bhut-pret, Bihu, Bixohari, Bura Dangoria Deodhani, Deory, Devta/DeviGoxai Kairatraj, Kamakhya, Katigasa- Kherai, Koutaki Laksmi Rici, Rishi, Samkhya, Santhal, Shakti, Shitzu, Siva, Thourai Birai, Thourai Bari, Tista Buri.