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Exploring the Activities and Effects of Teaching with Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) in Higher Education

This study aims to explore the activities and influence factors of Enterprise Information Systems learning in higher education. A research model combing with activities theory, 3P, and HSM wasdeveloped to comprehensively explore and exam. The data were collected from the students who have studies ERP related courses. Total 107 valid samples were analyses by SPSS and PLS 2.0. The research finding indicates that: (1) previous experiences, perceived ease of use, course content, course quality, and situational involvement have positively effect on EIS learning attitude, (2) the attitude on EIS learning has positively effect on the ES Learning Performance, (3) the attitude on ES learning attitude is mediator of course quality, situational involvement and EIS learning Performance, and (4) EIS main learning path is systematic cue, and then heuristic cue has partial to effect on the performance of ES learning. The results can provide the alternatives for further research and implications both of academic and practical parties. Index Terms - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Activity Theory, Presage-Process-Product (3P) Model, Heuristic Systematic Model