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A Comparative Study Between the Offence of Rape in Thai Criminal Law and the Offence of Rape in Sexual Offences Act 2003

At present, people from all around the world are getting closer due to the communication technology, communication, and investment and business communication; therefore, it leads to the free movement of both labors and properties. People from one country can travel to another country easier than before. The limitless movement of people in different countries and the development of distributed communication technology is the major source of the crime in various forms. Moreover, various forms of rape offenses become serious and severe, and it is widely committed continuously. Rape is a serious crime that affects the peace and morals of the country as it affects rights of life, and body. Additionally, religious beliefs have clear taboo about erotic misconduct. Victims of rape offenses are severely physically and mentally affected. The honor and reputation are degraded, and they do not dare to return to normal life. For this reason, criminal law on rape has been continuously improved to catch up with the era and consistent with the changing circumstances and behavior of the people in society. It also complies with international law so that the law on rape in Thailand is acceptable to all civilized nations. Hence, this article is a comparative study between the offence of rape in Thai criminal law and the offence of rape in sexual offences act 2003 of United Kingdom in order to bring similarities and differences as a guideline to improve Thai law to make it modern in order to solve the problem of sex crime completely in the future. Keywords : Offence of Rape, criminal law, Sexual Offences Act