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Organizational Commitment of Officers in Wadbangli (Wuthiphanwittaya) School at Ratchaburi Province

The objectives of this study are to study the level of organization commitment, to compare the organization commitment classified by personal factors and to study the correlation between working motivation and organizational commitment of Wadbangli (Wuthiphanwittaya) School at Ratchaburi Province. The population consist of 35 officers in the Wadbangli (Wuthiphanwittaya) School at Ratchaburi Province. The tool used in this data collection is a questionnaire. Statistic methods used in this study are frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, one way-ANOVA, Scheffe’s test and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient.From the result of this study, it is found that a majority of officers in Wadbangli (Wuthiphanwittaya) School are fmales aged between 31 – 40 years old. Most of them are married holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent, being non commissioned and working as operational officers. Their most have been worked in this organization more than 5 years, having average monthly income between 15,001 - 25,000 baht. The officers to have a high level of working motivation and organizational commitment. Different personal factors; gender, age, marital status, rank, line of work, work tenure, average monthly income are not correlated with organizational commitment, but education is at the .05 level of statistical significance. Working motivation factors are positively correlated with organizational commitment of the officers at the .05 level of statistical significance shown at moderate level. Keyword: Organization commitment, Officers ,Wadbangli (Wuthiphanwittaya) School