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Spatial Mobility of Myanmar Workers in Pineapple Processing Industry

Author :Musthaya Patchanee, Nipon Sasithornsaovapa, Suwaree Yordchim, Buabuttri Siriwat

Article Citation :Musthaya Patchanee ,Nipon Sasithornsaovapa ,Suwaree Yordchim ,Buabuttri Siriwat , (2018 ) " Spatial Mobility of Myanmar Workers in Pineapple Processing Industry " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 82-86, Volume-4,Issue-4

Abstract : The aim of this research is to study potential factors relating to the spatial mobility of Myanmar workers in pineapple processing industry in PrachuapKhiri Khan Province by 336 samples were analyzed. It was found that the former residence of Burmese migrant workers in the pineapple processing industry. The majority of them live in Myeik (95 people) =28.27 percent ,live in Taninthayi (82 people) =24.40 percent. There are 64 inhabitants in Victoria Point =19.05 percent. There are 50 people living in Dawei =14.88 percent. Rangoon, 27 people=8.04%, and 18% or 5.36% of the province of Bokpyin. The majority of them are female, of 203 persons=60.4%. 133 males =39.6%. Most of them are between 25-50 years of age. Most of them have worked in Thailand for no more than 2 years, have single status and mostly graduated low elementary. There are a number of members in the family with 1-3 members. All Burmese migrants have no land in PrachuapKhiri Khan. But most of them have land in their native Burma. There are 148 people or 44% of the land. Between 1 and 5 Rais of land are less than 1 Rai, accounting for 32.7% and more than 5 Rais, of which 78 people or 23.2%. Monthly family debt of 1-2000 baht Analysis of Factors Influencing Regional Movement of Burmese Workers in pineapple processing industry, PrachuapKhiri Khan Province. Researchers have used statistical techniques to analyze. Cluster Analysis, Non-hierarchical cluster analysis (sometimes called K-Means Cluster Analysis), found that the displacement of Burmese workers in pineapple processing industry area was Cluster I, 42.86%, and Cluster II was 57.14%. Most of the migrants were Type A migrants who did not change their domicile. While Category B Include those with seasonal movements and temporary workers, so these movements are considered Circulation, most of which includes moving.Especially short time and repeatedly, it does not explicitly state whether it is permanent or temporary. Index Terms - Spatial mobility, Myanmar workers and pineapple processing industry.

Type : Research paper

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| Published on 2018-06-22
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