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Paper Title :
Developing National Knowledge Strategic Management Framework with a New Perspective: Institutional Mapping

Author :Sedigheh Rezaeian Fardoei, Mansoureh Hourali, Mei-Tai Chu, Negar Falahati

Article Citation :Sedigheh Rezaeian Fardoei ,Mansoureh Hourali ,Mei-Tai Chu ,Negar Falahati , (2018 ) " Developing National Knowledge Strategic Management Framework with a New Perspective: Institutional Mapping " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 80-85, Volume-4,Issue-8

Abstract : Despite the recent interests in knowledge management (KM) at micro level, literature suffers from lack of systematic and strategic approach at macro level. In other words how the government should initiate KM projects or how governments should put these KM initiatives into practice are still unclear. In this paper, the mostly ad-hoc strategic framework have been examined which used by developed and developing countries. Upon this investigation it has been founded that the different frameworks have many elements in common. Then new model has been formalized and have shown that the model has some exclusive features compared to current models, specially different perspective and considering the role of actors in implementing KM in governmental scale with institutional mapping perspective is one of our exclusive feature . Hence, this paper is aimed to develop a national KM strategic framework resulted from the analysis of the research data, in the other words, this article seeks to develop a framework for a KM strategy in national level with a new perspective, and to propose a KM framework in institutional mapping context. This study on institutional mapping would enable the national KM project implementers to identify institutions, sources and actors who could become project champions, institutions and actors who could obstruct the implementation of the KM at national level. To achieve the objectives of the study, a conceptual KM strategy framework is proposed and described; then systemically analyzed with SEM approach. Cronbach coefficient, t-value were used to measure the inter-items consistency in the study. All sub-scales with a values ranged from 0.78 to 0.88, which implies the scale was reliable. A great number of the sources were used to collect data, including 150 questionnaires among CKO practitioner, managers and experts were distributed and interviews, observation, and examination of the documents and observation of the studied models. Further, the experts’ views were used in this regard. Based on the findings of the study, a profile of KM is developed as well as a holistic and integrative KM strategic framework with institutional mapping. The achievements of the government KM initiatives demonstrate three distinctive dimensions. The first layer includes KM strategic direction developer institutes (national KM Vision and strategy developers); the second, deals with KM strategy implementation with a complete KM cycle and processes (institutes and actors of sourcing, composing, sharing, using and assessment of knowledge ); whereas the third includes KM enablers (institutes of supporting financial, technological, cultural and training issues). Keywords - knowledge management; knowledge strategic management; knowledge strategic management framework; national knowledge management; KM at macro level, institutional mapping.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-4,Issue-8


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| Published on 2018-10-29
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