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Paper Title :
Role of E-Commerce & Tourism in Creating Global Brands

Author :Neha Jain

Article Citation :Neha Jain , (2018 ) " Role of E-Commerce & Tourism in Creating Global Brands " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 27-30, Volume-4,Issue-10

Abstract : Buying was never as simple as E-commerce a business where buying and selling involves the Internet as this industry is solely based on the internet. Digital Marketing plays a major role in its growth because it is the only tool that can help in any business growth hacking through digital mediums. But, this was not enough, role of E-commerce when is clubbed up with tourism led to wonders in creating global brands. The rapid growth of smart phones and internet give greater access in selling and purchasing merchandise with convenience. Tourism industry too has the major benefits by e commerce in the last couple of years, but not to the optimum. Brand awareness and target audience has been created with this. For this, I would take the case study of indigo launching its flights to Tirupati from various places in January 2018.This is what it takes to create a global brand through E-Commerce and enhancing tourism and attracting devotees. Giving devotees a safe and quick reach to their favorite god Balaji…where no other brand has done this before. Online tickets are available for this. IndiGo would provide connecting flights from Tirupati and Rajahmundry to various domestic as well as international destinations, including Singapore and Dubai. The no-frills airline is adding 63 new connections to connect Tirupati and Rajahmundry on its existing network of Airbus 320 planes and ATRs. IndiGo will connect Tirupati and Rajahmundry to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai, and Muscat, Singapore among other cities via Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mangalore," it said in a release. Currently, the carrier operates more than 900 daily flights connecting 46 destinations. Indigo’s Chief Commercial Officer Sanjay Kumar said the airline is looking at providing affordable fares on these flights for 6E travelers. Earlier this month, the carrier said it would start operations with 74-seater ATR turbo-prop planes from December 21.IndiGo's A320 planes are configured with 180 seats and the A320 neo aircraft have 186 seats. Indigo has forayed into regional markets with a new fleet of ATR aircraft.ATR is an aircraft manufacturer, which is primarily into building regional aircraft. Announcing addition of ATR aircraft to its fleet will operate 24 non-stop daily flights. The airline said it will begin ATR operations with flights between cities on its existing network of Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Madurai and Nagpur and two new Tier-II cities of Tirupati and Rajahmundry. While the introductory fares start from Rs. 999 on the new flights, the first ATR flight will commence from Hyderabad on December 21, 2017. Impact of E-Commerce with technology on future competitive strategy in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, and its sustainable strategic benefits can technology deliver? In attempting to answer these questions, this paper will focus largely on the role of e-commerce and tourism in creating brands. In other words, how will technology be leveraged to add customer value, both within a business—consumer and business—business context will be the key area of this research paper. Keywords - E-Commerce, Tourism, Indigo, Technology, ATR

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-4,Issue-10


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| Published on 2019-01-02
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