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Application Of Integrated Education As An Anti-Bullying Approach To Reduce The Number Of School Bullying: A Literature Study

Author :Nunuy Nuraeni, Aisha Shannaz, Uhajulaeha

Article Citation :Nunuy Nuraeni ,Aisha Shannaz ,Uhajulaeha , (2015 ) " Application Of Integrated Education As An Anti-Bullying Approach To Reduce The Number Of School Bullying: A Literature Study " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 111-115, Volume-1,Issue-8

Abstract : Bullying is a problem affecting the life of children worldwide. Bullying is an aggressive behavior that done directly or indirectly that involves an imbalance of strength or power. Many perpetrators done bullying because they thought have a high power and do bullying to another people. The form of bullying can be done by physical, verbal or social and it is repeated behavior. Most bullying occurred in middle school and the most common types is social and verbal bullying. Based on the data from Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) from 2011 to 2014, the number of bullying case was reported among the education community reached 369 from all kinds of complaint. In the United States also showed that 1 in 4 children students say they have been bullied at school. The case of bullying still increase from year to year and it is became a serious case that should be solved because many problems arise to the victims such as psychological injury that affect the behavior of victims. Both in terms of psychological and physical that will affect the productivity and quality of life. The psychological impact of bullying include stress, panic or nervousness, recurring memories of the incident, and impaired concentration in school, the victims of bullying also experience hyperactivity, difficulty to think and difficult to develop their talent. This is a detrimental effect that we should solve, because the children are the young generation that should have a best performance in education also in social life. This is required an integrated education from the school, parent also community. There are three approaches to prevent the bullying cases that need a best cooperation between all parties involved, that is education at home (home-based bullying prevention), environmental education in schools (school-based bullying prevention), also education from community (community-based bullying prevention). All parties such as family, school and community should have an awareness of a coordinated approach for the creation of a bully-free atmosphere, with the application of integrated education it will reduce the number of school bullying among students. Index Terms — Bullying, Detrimental Effect, Integrated Education, Students.

Type : Research paper

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| Published on 2015-09-09
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