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Paper Title :
The Culture Shock In An Intercultural Society

Author :Molfea Ionela Daniela

Article Citation :Molfea Ionela Daniela , (2015 ) " The Culture Shock In An Intercultural Society " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 116-118, Volume-1,Issue-9, Special Issue-2, Oct

Abstract : The culture shock in an intercultural society Sometimes, when we meet a different culture, there is something that we can call anxiety and it emerges within us, something that changes our feelings, our attitudes. This can be a tendency to feel different and somehow worried about your new changes, and in these conditions, our response to the new culture becomes overwhelming. From this point of view, this can return you to your native culture earlier than expected. The article debates the physical and psychological symptoms of transition in a new culture, what we can call the culture shock, a culture contact, a very important part of acculturation, where we have to learn the survival skills, and where we change our attitudes in order to adapt and to have a better life or to be in a good membership. The content of the article The culture shock in an intercultural society, focuses on the process of how we can adapt earlier to the new culture, how we can easier accept the culture shock and how we can deal with the stages of culture shock. In a world where everything is continuously changing, where people are being forced for different reasons to leave their country, their culture, or their families to find something better in another part of the world, to have a better life, we deal consciously or unconsciously with a culture shock which transfers you stress and anxiety. And in this culture shock, there is no better or worst experience, it just happens to everyone and it occurs in different ways. The article The culture shock in an intercultural society, refers to a very special transition period and peoples feelings after entering a new culture. The content of the article The culture shock in an intercultural society conducts us in the following topics:  Stages of culture shock: 1. Eager expectation stage 2. When everything turns to be a very beautiful stage 3. The stage of awful life 4. The intercultural contact 5. The perfect stage  The process of adaptation: 1. The nature feeling of cultural adaptation 2. Communication and Adaptation in an intercultural society 3. The intercultural reentry and the developing skills in Intercultural communication and culture stress. As an emotional rollercoaster, the culture shock goes up and down with you, even if you are the most open-minded and cultural sensitive. Keywords- Culture shock, Stages of culture shock, Intercultural contact, Communication and Adaptation , Acculturation in an intercultural society

Type : Research paper

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| Published on 2015-10-30
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