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Paper Title :
The Correlation between the Organizational Learning of the Schools and the Academic Optimism of The Teachers

Author :Aynur Bozkurt Bostanci, Aysen Ay Isik

Article Citation :Aynur Bozkurt Bostanci ,Aysen Ay Isik , (2017 ) " The Correlation between the Organizational Learning of the Schools and the Academic Optimism of The Teachers " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 89-92, Volume-3,Issue-9

Abstract : The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between the organizational learning of the schools and the academic optimism of the teachers. In this research, organizational learning is considered as organizational learning ability and experience and development process. Teachers 'academic optimism is treated as a positive belief that a teacher can change students' academic performance. Individuals are consciously or unknowingly in continuous learning processes within groups or within the organization they are in. By learning in their schools, by creating various educational environments within the school, Changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors come to fruition. Organizational learning; Timely, accurate and consistent information and better thinking, changing organizational behaviors or improving existing behaviors are seen as the process. It is thought that the schools are learning organizations, which will positively affect teachers' performances and academic optimism. Therefore, it is important to know what organizational learning level the schools are in. The high level of academic optimism of the teachers will provide students with an opportunity to succeed in school, as well as a belief that they can succeed. Teachers with a high level of academic optimism are expected to be more committed to the academic achievement of their students and to maximize their professional competence. For this reason, it is necessary to know the factors related to the academic optimism levels of the teachers. When this study is concluded, the relation between the organizational learning levels of schools and the academic optimism of the teachers will be revealed and the suggestions will be made to improve academic optimism in educational organizations. Moreover, the fact that the relationship between organizational learning and the academic optimism of teachers has not been examined before, shows the originality of the study and contribution to the field. Submission of this work on national and international platforms will ensure that as much as possible the person is informed and will benefit the area. The research is in the relational screening model. The universe of the research consists of 3,700 teachers working in Uşak. The sample of the research consists of 350 elementary, secondary and high school teachers working in Uşak province. In this research, the level of learning and academic optimism of the schools in Usak Province was revealed. According to the research results There was a moderate positive correlation between teachers' organizational learning perceptions and academic optimism levels. There is a positively low level relationship between self-efficacy and information seeking, information analysis and information retrieval, which have organizational learning dimensions, and a positive moderate relationship between self-efficacy and knowledge retention. Positive low level between analyzing information and trust; There is a positive moderate relationship between knowledge seeking, information retrieval and information retention and trust. There is a positive moderate relationship between academic emphasis and information seeking, information analysis, informing and information retention. According to the results of regression analysis, organizational learning is a significant predictor of academic optimism. Keywords - Organizational Learning, Academic Optimism, Teachers, Schools

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-3,Issue-9


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| Published on 2017-11-24
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