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An analysis of E-voting Process Adoption factors in Thailand General Election

In today general election, Thailand use the ballot paper process which cause a lot of problem. The alternative solution is to implement the Electronic voting (E-voting) system by applying the electronic appliance to cast and count votes in elections replacing of the ballot card. Then a systematic review methodology is used to collecting and analyzing of multiple research and paper from 2007 to 2017 to explore the possible of factor which will impact the e-voting adoption. The aim of this paper is 1) to explore the current election process in Thailand, 2) to study the election process in Estonia where is the first country which implement the full internet voting in nation level since 2005 and India which is the most well-known of implement e-voting machine and 3) to search and collect the possible factors which will influence the e- voting adoption successfully. Keywords - E-voting Factor, E-voting System, Thailand Election.