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Internal Migrant Welfare Analysis in Indonesia: Are those who Move Truly Better off than those who Stay?

The probability of getting higher earnings drives each individual to migrate, even though they do not know whether their welfare will be better after migrating or not. Therefore, this study provides new evidence on the analysis of the impact of migration on welfare changing by comparing migrant groups and non-migrant groups who have similar characteristics, the only difference between them is the treatment "migration decision." Per capita expenditure is used as an outcome to describe the level of welfare. The empirical investigation uses individual-level IFLS datasets in the 2007-2014 and Propensity Score Matching Method. The result suggests that that migrants, on average, have per capita expenditure 3.87% higher than their area of origin non-migrant counterparts. This result means that migration has a positive effect on improving the welfare of migrants. Keyword - Indonesia, Impact Evaluation, Internal Migration, Per Capita Expenditure, Propensity Score Matching, Welfare