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Importance of Developing the Prospective Competences among Engineering Students

Training the engineering students to integrate in the labor market, nowadays, when, from one hand we are caught by the accelerating pace of change, and from other hand the technological innovations taking up more and more in our personal and professional life, indicates more prospective competencies, and the necessity to continue the educational reforms perceives increasingly. Prospective competences represent the anticipation of the meaning and pace of changes, creation of a possible environment (planning, innovation), articulation of perennial values based on these transformations and, above all, the development of the human by cultivating his/her humanity, dignity and responsibility (directing the human to a planned future). The necessity of developing prospective competences among the engineering students depends also on the way in which the graduate integrates into the labor market. The way he/she succeed to adjust to accelerated requirements of the changes, innovations, as well as to cause changes, innovations determine the quality of university education, as well as the educational policy of the Republic of Moldova. The quality of university education, as well as the educational policy of the Republic of Moldova, is determined by the way it manages to adapt to the accelerated requirements of changes, innovations, but also to provoke changes. Thus, the focus on university programs, curricula, on developing prospective competences, would emphasize the orientation of policy of university education to the needs of present as well as of the future. Keywords - Competence, Objectives, Prospective Competence